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Business And Love Have 4 Things In Common.

4 Areas Where Entrepreneurs Should Improve.

Your workspace reflects who you are, so make it welcoming, calming and focused. The formula is fluid, but incorporating a few personal touches'a picture or two, a small potted plant, a Rubik's cube with a lot of open desk space will do wonders for your mental focus. Quality lighting that's not too glaring and not too dim is also vital for optimum productivity...Read more

5 Easy Ways To Maximize Your Workspace And Productivity.

prefer minimalism when I organize my workspace'free from distraction. And I believe positive energy makes you more productive. It's hard to describe, but you know it when you feel it; it's definitely not the same for everyone. But it's important that you surround yourself with the pieces, furniture and people that create positive energy for you. For me, that means neutral colours, great lighting, plants, access to natural light and (of course) amazing co-workers...Read more

How to Increase Your Social Media Traffic

Each network handles the algorithms differently. Instagram claims to show us every post from everyone we follow, but prioritizes the order we see them in. Facebook has possibly the most sophisticated algorithm that restricts what we see. Twitter lets us switch between algorithmic and non-algorithmic feed while LinkedIn seems set to copy Facebook strategy...Read more

5 Quick Ways to Enhance Potrait Photos

People nowadays snap a lot of portraits, ranging from headshots to selfies, or even group photos. Considering how popular portrait photography can be it is no surprise that most editors have tools to enhance them but PhotoWorks is particularly noteworthy. Not only will PhotoWorks provide you with numerous ways to enhance your portrait photos, but its tools are designed to be extremely intuitive and user-friendly...Read more